J.C. Blair and Broad Top Area Medical Center Merge Practices

Huntingdon, PA (8/30/2016) – Effective September 1, 2016, J.C. Blair’s Huntingdon Family Care Center (HFCC) and Trough Creek Medical Care Center (TCMCC) will merge with Broad Top Area Medical Center’s Federally Qualified Health Center (BTAMC FQHC) to become practices of BTAMC FQHC. Patients of J.C. Blair’s practices will continue to see their same physician at the same office locations in Huntingdon and Cassville. The only changes will be new signage and billing from the Broad Top Area Medical Center rather than J.C. Blair Medical Services.

The Broad Top Area Medical Center is recognized by the federal government and designated a Federally Qualified Health Center to serve the rural population of Huntingdon County. This designation provides significant benefits to patients, physicians, practices and the community. Some of those benefits include a sliding fee scale for patients, no malpractice costs for physicians, a prescription discount program that benefits patients and practices, and access to state and federal grants.

As part of the transition, Broad Top Area Medical Center will close the office at 909 Moore Street in Huntingdon and incorporate those patients into the Huntingdon Family Care Center practice. The office in Broad Top will remain open. Plans are also being developed to transition J.C. Blair’s Pediatric Care Center, Women’s Care Center and Primary Care Center into the FQHC.

This initiative is being guided by a joint steering committee made up of J.C. Blair and Broad Top board members and staff. “The joint steering committee has done a great job working together to find ways to better serve our communities and provide stability for our practices,” said J.C. Blair CEO Jason Hawkins.

“We are planning for the future health care needs of our communities. We need to be more of a health system, not just a clinic, and this collaboration gives us the leverage to be successful when competing for grants that will provide the services our community needs,” said Broad Top CEO Melissa Walls.