Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health Care for Adults

J. C. Blair Behavioral Health Services offer confidential and comprehensive services dedicated to helping people help themselves. By coordinating inpatient and outpatient care into one facility, the staff is able to provide a comfortable atmosphere of growth in an environment close to home and family.

The team's goals for you and your personal goals are identical: to help you modify your feelings, attitudes, and behaviors in order to enjoy life and relationships and to establish a functional social and/or work role in family and community settings.

Medical Director:  Muhammad Qamar, M.D.
Executive Director: Patti Lewis Phone: (814) 643-8880

Inpatient Care

J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital offers a comprehensive psychiatric, medical, and psychosocial evaluation which allows the psychiatrist and interdisciplinary team to design the most beneficial individualized treatment plan. The plan is carried out in an environment that is comfortable and private. The program is designed to meet your rehabilitative goals by integrating your needs, interests, and capabilities into therapeutic activities and groups.

Inpatient psychiatric services at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital are open to adults and older adults presenting with a wide range of mental health concerns. Inpatient services are designed to stabilize the symptoms of one's mental illness while preparing the individual for ongoing outpatient treatment and support.

H.O.P.E. Project (Healthier Outcomes Physically & Emotionally)

What is H.O.P.E Project?

Your medical team recognizes the connection between physical and mental health - your mental health impacts your physical health; and your physical health impacts your mental health. H.O.P.E. Project is an added service offered in J.C. Blair Medical Services practices to promote this integration with a Behavioral Health Consultant working in partnership with your medical provider.

Who is the Behavioral Health Consultant?

J.C. Blair’s H.O.P.E. Project team of Behavioral Health Consultants, or BHC, is made up of licensed clinical social workers with vast experience, and are highly qualified in providing supportive and mental health services. They are specially trained to work as a member of a medical team. The BHC is available to talk with you about your physical and emotional well-being and concerns, work with you to determine your needs, and provide specific support and a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals for good health.

Where will I receive these services?  

H.O.P.E. Project staff will see you in your J.C. Blair Medical Services provider office during your office visit.  Your medical provider may ask the BHC to work with you to further assess your specific needs and offer support, education, goal setting, and follow up.

What types of services are provided?

The BHC can provide screening, consultation, brief intervention, and recommendations that will include solution-focused skills that may be useful to you in your everyday life to help you manage your behavioral and physical health needs.  If you request, or the BHC recognizes the benefit, he/she may suggest a referral to a specialized mental health service. The BHC cannot provide this specialized mental health services. Not all patients within J.C. Blair Medical Services practices will require or request BHC services.

Will my work with the Behavioral Health Consultant be kept confidential?

When you meet with a BHC, a progress note will be made within your general medical record so your medical provider can review and be informed of your needs and progress. You will be asked to acknowledge consent to share information within J.C. Blair Medical Services so that we, as a team, can provide comprehensive care.

Communication with H.O.P.E. Project staff will be kept confidential in an attempt to protect your privacy.  However, like all providers, the BHC is mandated to report certain information that impacts the safety and well-being of you and others. If you have any questions about the confidentiality policy of Project H.O.P.E., please ask the BHC.

How can I learn more about H.O.P.E. Project?

            Call (814) 643-8355 or talk with your J.C. Blair Medical Services provider or office staff.

Additional Programs

Employee Assistance Program: Area employers contract with J.C. Blair Behavioral Health Services for confidential treatment services for their employees. For additional information on this service, please contact Shelly Rivello, Executive Director at (814) 643-8880.

Presentations & Workshops: The staff of Behavioral Health Services is available to conduct free presentations and workshops on a variety of mental health related topics. To schedule a presentation, please contact Shelly Rivello, Outreach Coordinator at (814) 643-8785.

Educational Materials: As a community provider, Behavioral Health Services is dedicated to providing updated educational materials to clients and the general community. A variety of free resources are available upon request on a variety of mental health related topics. For educational materials, please contact Shelly Rivello, Outreach Coordinator at (814) 643-8785.

Referrals and Admissions

J. C. Blair Behavioral Health Services welcome self referrals as well as referrals from physicians, psychologists, hospitals, schools, community agencies, clergy, and family members. Referrals for Inpatient care must be 18 or older. Outpatient Counseling serves any age.

For all services, please contact the Community Assessment Center at (814) 643-8880. In case of emergency, please call 643-8880 for assistance. You may also go to the nearest emergency department or call 911 for assistance.