Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is PHASE II Cardiac Rehab?

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically monitored exercise program designed for those who have had a recent heart illness or surgery/procedure. This program combines physical exercise with risk factor modification to help with recovery and strengthen your body.

Risk factors are those things that put you at high risk for having another cardiac event. High blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, and being overweight are all examples. It is important in this stage of rehab to control those risk factors that can be controlled. This plays a major role in the health of your heart and body, preventing future heart problems.

Benefits from Cardiac Rehab

People benefit from Cardiac Rehab if they have recently been diagnosed with:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stable angina
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Heart valve repair or replacement
  • Angioplasty, atherectomy, rotablation, stenting
  • Heart transplant

Can cardiac rehab really make a difference?

Cardiac Rehab is proven to be a safe and effective way to help those with heart conditions:

  • Get stronger
  • Feel better faster
  • Return to former activities
  • Reduce the risk of future heart problems
  • Live healthier and longer
  • Improve quality of life

Our Program

For most people with coronary artery disease, the right prescription for lifestyle change is an important component of treatment. That’s why, as part of our full array of heart care services, J.C. Blair Cardiac Care Center offers a comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Cardiac rehabilitation increases cardiovascular efficiency, offers physical and psychological benefits, speeds recovery, and helps prevent prolonged disability.

We teach patients how to incorporate lifestyle modifications, including exercise, nutrition, education, stress management and smoking cessation, for a healthier heart. We provide individualized and medically supervised treatment plans that are based on each person’s unique circumstances. And because the victims of heart disease are not just patients, our program involves families and loved ones.

Who delivers the therapy?

The Phase II Cardiac Rehab team at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital consists of highly skilled health care professionals. Nurses, registered dieticians and support services work together under the guidance of your referring physician to help you return to a healthy, active lifestyle. Our nurses are certified in advanced cardiac life support, and trained in the response of the heart to exercise and understand the process of heart disease.

J.C. Blair's Cardiac Rehabilitation program is monitored by Dr. Hany Shanoudy from J.C. Blair's Cardiac Care Center.

How am I monitored?

Your Phase II Cardiac Rehab team will monitor your heart rhythm, heart rate, blood pressure, and weight each day you attend. If you have any signs or symptoms of impending difficulties or heart problems, they will assist you in obtaining appropriate care. If your Cardiac Rehab team is concerned about your uncontrolled blood pressure, for example, they will discuss this with your doctor and help you to reach a controlled blood pressure range.

How does PHASE II rehab work?

Cardiac Rehab has two major parts. These include:

  • Exercise Training to help the patient learn how to exercise safely, improve stamina, strengthen muscles and develop an individualized exercise program to help prevent future heart problems. Each person’s exercise plan is based on their unique abilities, needs and interests.
  • Education, counseling and training to help the patient understand his/her heart condition and find ways to reduce his risk of future heart problems. Educational opportunities available include: home exercise, nutrition, medication, stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, heart anatomy, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. The Cardiac Rehab team will help each patient learn how to make positive changes in their lives and cope with the stress of adjusting to a new lifestyle.

When will I have Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation will usually begin anywhere between one and six weeks after being discharged from the hospital. Those patients who have had heart attacks, angina, angioplasty, and stenting usually begin rehab within one week. Those who have had open-heart surgeries generally start anywhere between two and six weeks after discharge from the hospital. You can enter Cardiac Rehab within 12 months after your cardiac event.

How is the program covered?

Most insurances including Medicare cover all or most of the cost of the Phase II program. Some insurances cover additional diagnoses not listed above. We will verify your insurance coverage before you enroll.

When is Phase II Cardiac Rehab offered and how long does it last?

Phase II monitored exercise sessions are held on Mondays through Fridays, between 8 am and 3 pm. Appointments are made at times that are convenient to your schedule.

Cardiac Rehabilitation shadows your activity level at home while monitoring your heart. A variety of equipment including treadmills, bikes, arm bikes, NuSteps, and free weights are used to continually assess and promote increasing your heart and skeletal muscle strength and endurance.

If insurance permits, you could be eligible for 36 rehab visits over 90 days. Some insurance companies will authorize less than this. You can also terminate the program at any time. However, the longer you attend, the more you will benefit.

How do I enroll and get started?

    A physician’s referral and insurance pre-authorization are needed to start the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital accepts most health insurance plans, including Medicare, that covers the cost of cardiac rehabilitation. A co-payment may be required for each exercise session.

    Where is Cardiac Rehab located?

    J.C. Blair’s Cardiac Rehab Program is conducted from a newly-renovated area in the Cardiopulmonary Department, conveniently located on the ground floor of the Hospital near the Main Entrance.


    DOWNLOAD THE CARDIAC REHAB BROCHURE For more information regarding Phase II Cardiac Rehab at J.C. Blair, please call the J.C. Blair Cardiopulmonary Department at (814) 643-7064.

    1225 Warm Springs Avenue
    Huntingdon, PA 16652
    (814) 643-7064
    (814) 643-8887 (fax)

    Can I continue with Cardiac Rehab after my 90 days?

    Yes, NEXTSTEP is a supervised exercise program where cardiac and pulmonary patients can continue their journey to wellness after completing a medically-monitored rehabilitation program.
    Our goal is to improve the physical activity, strength and stamina gained from rehabilitation program.

    The program offers:

    • A familar, safe surrounding in a self-directed program
    • Wellness coach available to assist you and your therapy
    • A designated area in J.C. Blair’s Therapy & Wellness Center with new equipment - treadmills, recumbent bikes, arm machines, and more, just for you!
    Who qualifies?
    • Patients who have completed a cardiac or pulmonary rehab program within the past 6 months can be auto-matically referred. If it’s been longer than 6 months, a physician’s prescription is required.
    • The program is FREE, but a monthly donation of any amount to support the program is welcomed!
    To get started:
    • Call J.C. Blair’s Wellness Coach at (814) 643-0791 for a welcome packet and application
    • Schedule an orientation session
    • Schedule your exercise start date!

    NEXTSTEP is open Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:00 am - 2:30 pm